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for all types of biomass fuels

Compact biomass heating systems

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no longer dependant on one type of fuel

Flexibility when using biomass

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ÖKOTHERM biomass heating systems

Efficient combustion and top economy

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for municipal energy suppliers for example

Generating energy with biomass from your region

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Drive and obligation to lead in innovation

Experience has no alternative!

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Energy efficiency from renewable resources

For living ecologically

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in nurseries for example

Use your own residual material

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for mills or seed production for example

Your biomass fuel is already in your house

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in agriculture for example

Using your agricultural residual materials

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Act with your children and grandchildren in mind

Think of the future

ÖKOTHERM® Biomass Heating Systems – unique in diversity

A.P. Bioenergietechnik GmbH has been selling ÖKOTHERM® Biomass heating systems since the 1980s selling systems all over the world.

Increasing awareness for the environment and the knowledge that fossil fuels are finite has lead to a massive rethink in those responsible in the industry and the public sector as well as larger groups of buildings (e.g. agricultural businesses, housing estates, bio-energy villages, wineries, etc.). One of the unique selling points of our biomass heating systems is independence of fuels as well as the flexibility to change fuels depending on availability or requirements.

Contact us for a personal presentation of our systems, without any obligation to buy.


Herbert Fellner
Founder and CEO A.P. Bioenergietechnik GmbH

 Biomass Heating Systems

compact biomasse heizung flexibelÖKOTHERM® Compact biomass heating systems for all biomass fuels – 49 - 950 kW

Complete Solutions:
  • Furnace and boiler
  • Electronic control
  • Fully automatic fuel feed system, ignition and deashing
  • Flue gas cleaning systems


unabhaengige brennstoff heizungThe installations of ÖKOTHERM® are suitable for all applications of heat supply.


  • Poultry sheds
  • Industry and housing estates
  • Agriculture, glass houses, nurseries
  • Hotels, nursing homes, leisure centres, schools
  • Indoor swimming pools
  • Public administration buildings
  • Eco villages
  • Biogas plants

For all Biomass Fuels

pelletheizung industrieAlways use the most economic bio fuel with ÖKOTHERM® biomass-heating systems – straightly from the region.

Biomass Fuels:

  • Miscanthus: chips, briquettes or pellets
  • Any types of straw: loose, briquettes or pellets
  • Grain: low grade, waste or cleanings
  • Oil seed rape, rape cake
  • Pressed residues: coffee, grape, AD digestate etc.
  • Wood chips, wood pellets
  • Dried manures: chicken & horse litter

ÖKOTHERM-Contact information

A.P. Bioenergietechnik GmbH
Traeglhof 2     
92242 Hirschau
phone: +49 9608 9230128
fax: +49 9608 913319 

ÖKOTHERM worldwide